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Tapas is one of the five Niyama or personal disciplines in yoga, which focus on our relationship with ourselves. Tapas quite literally means ‘heat’ and equates to self-discipline ...

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It’s been a really tough couple of years on so many fronts, hasn’t it? My mat has always helped me ebb and flow with the good and more challenging times in life, but this year I’ve needed it more than ever ...

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I have the pleasure of teaching several chair yoga classes each week, and my senior yogis are some of my most committed students. On many an occasion I’ve been inspired by their determination to get to class ...

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It’s been a long journey for me to love my body and yoga has helped me get there. I’d like to share some of that learning with you in this blog. How can yoga help you become more compassionate and loving ...

  • Love it every time! - Mary, small group private yoga weekly class, May 2022

  • Yoga out of doors feels so good being next to nature on a summer's day. Jocelyn provides a theme each week. This adds thoughtful interest to the sessions which help develop positivity, strength, balance and flexibility of body and mind. - Harry

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