About Yoga

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Yoga is an ancient holistic healing system that brings about balance and harmony on all levels; body, mind, emotions and inner spirit. When this balance has been disturbed by lifestyle, illness, poor health and stress, practising yoga can help in a number of ways to restore us.

The practice of yoga should be accessible to people from all walks of life, wherever they are on lifes path.

Yoga can support and help us at any stage of our life.

“I started Katie’s Yoga classes in May and have found them to be hugely beneficial to my recovery from breast cancer. Physically the sessions have really improved the mobility of my arm and shoulder following a mastectomy, and mentally have taught me how to connect with my breath and relax in times of stress.The gentle movements and meditation techniques used in the classes release any tension and anxiety that I may have and give me a real sense of regaining some control back to my body.I leave every class feeling relaxed and happy , it’s a fab way to spend an evening and I would recommend it to anyone!”   Jane, student.

Katies’ way of teaching yoga is kind, gentle and relaxing and very tuned to the physical and emotional needs of women who have been through all forms of  cancer treatment. She is a thoughtful person, aware of the needs of each student. Her class offers a haven from treatments, a supportive atmosphere where i feel safe. Katie’s approach to yoga has been invaluable to me, and has helped me get through a very difficult time.  Helen, student.

Katies’ kindness and nursing experience has given me the confidence to take an important step to let go of tension in my body and mind. Coming to the class has been a sanctuary to have time for myself. Sarah, student.