Space in time…

I have recently returned from a blissfull break away to the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean Sea! This time away from our day to day lives provides us with the space we need to reflect, accept and from this brings clarity. Time away allows us time to notice the way we are feeling as we have the time….to notice. Within this space of time, we can observe how we feel and what we need…as we have time.

But what is this time….the mind.

Does the mind exist? Does time exist?

The practice of yoga gives us the freedom from this ‘ mind- clock ‘, that ticks along with the ‘chitta-chatta’ of the moment…taking us off into the past, back into the future. ( Chitta being Mind-stuff )

Time can stop if we become present in the moment. The ‘Space ‘ in time…..


Take your awareness within…

Instill peace from within your being

Mind becomes still

Engages the stillness within.

Give your-SELF, …..time.

Love and light, Katie x

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